Helpful Information | St. Petersburg International Gas Forum
Helpful Information
Helpful Information
  • At the Forum, free Internet access (Wi-Fi) will be available. Authorization with a mobile number required
  • During the Forum, the lost and found office will be located in the Service Bureau
  • The Forum wardrobes will be located in the Passage (Convention centre, Pavilions G, H)
  • At the Forum venue, Gazprombank ATMs will be located in the convention centre, and Finservice ATMs will be located in the lobbies of Hampton and Hilton hotels
  • Free of charge electronic lockers will be located at wardrobes G, H
  • Separate waste collection containers will be installed at the Forum venue for collection and further recycling of paper, plastic and common waste. Please put paper waste and plastic bottles into appropriate containers

Services at the venue

  • To order personal interpreter services* please refer to the Forum linguistic support stand (Passage, stand No. P26.6)
    * The service is fee-based. The service can be rendered as long as free interpreters are available at the moment of the order (Natalia Pimenova, mobile: +7 (921) 905 81 31)
  • Private photo shooting*
    * The service is fee-based. (Yulia Krapivnaya, mobile: +7 (921) 382 07 16)
  • Rent meeting rooms*
    * The service is fee-based. (Victoria Avakyan, mobile: +7 (921) 889 40 81)

St. Petersburg Helpful Information

Emergency services

  • Rescue service (for cellular network users): 112
  • Rescue service (for mobile users): 101
  • Rescue service (for landline phone users): 01
  • Police (for mobile users): 102
  • Police (for landline phone users): 02
  • Emergency medical service (for mobile users): 103
  • Emergency medical service (for landline phone users): 03
  • Medical service and drug-store call-centre: 003
  • Regional rescue service: +7 (812) 380 91 19
  • Lost document and communication means city centre: +7 (812) 336 51 09
  • Tourist helpline: +7 (812) 242 39 06 (round-the-clock)


Weather in St. Petersburg

As St. Petersburg is located close to the Baltic Sea, abrupt climate changes are possible. Please consider taking warm clothes and an umbrella with you.