Printed and souvenir products | St. Petersburg International Gas Forum
Advertising opportunities

Printed and souvenir products

Advertisement in of the Forum printables

1. Publication of full color advertising module (page layout is provided by the customer) in the official catalogue/guide book/the convention program of the Forum*) *The Forum printables are distributed among participants in the days of the Forum (the e-version will be posted on the web-site and written on the USB flash drive that is part of the Forum participant set).


2. Publishing of the customer’s logo (company taking part in the exhibition) on the exhibition layout in the guidebook * The logo will show the customer’s booth location within the exposition


Advertisement on the Forum promotional merchandise

  1. Adding the customer’s logo to the promotional merchandise of the Forum
  2. Recording the customer’s presentation materials to promotional flash-drives of the Forum
  3. Adding the customer’s advertising and informational materials (printables and merchandise) to the participant’s set. *DELEGATE and EXPONENT sets only.
  4. Adding the customer’s logo to the Forum participant’s lanyard (branding in collaboration with SPIGF).