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Forum history

St. Petersburg International Gas Forum

The 1st St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 900 м2
Participants: 3000

The first St. Petersburg Gas Forum took place in 2011, powered by Gazprom OJSC (Gazprom PJSC since 2015) and Gazprom Gazoraspredeleniye OJSC (Gazprom Gazoraspredeleniye JSC since 2016).

That year, special focus was on the gas distribution industry. The first Forum included “St. Petersburg, the Cradle of Russian Gas” Anniversary Historical Conference. It was associated with the 200th birthday of the Russian gas industry. Moreover, during the Forum the Gas Distribution in Russia and ROS-GAS-EXPO specialised exhibitions took place.

The event was participated by 239 companies.

Alexey Sergeyev, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg opened the Forum.

The 2nd St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 1000 м2
Participants: 4000
Countries: 8

That time, the Forum included the first International Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals. The EU-Russia Gas Dialogue conference covered hot issues of collaboration in both the gas and the political spheres.

The CIS and European oil and gas industries were widely presented at the Forum by international experts. The event was participated by 670+ officials of the largest Russian and foreign gas companies and state authorities long with representatives of the academic and the expert communities.

The Gas Industry: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow international historical conference brought together gas industry historians from Russia and abroad and became a remarkable part of the Forum. The conference was scheduled to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the first Russia’s gas exhibition, which took place in 1887.

In 2012, the Forum encompassed several exhibitions: Boilers and Burners; Energy Saving and Efficiency. Innovative Technologies and Equipment; and ROS-GAS-EXPO. SPIGF 2012 housed the first InGAS Stream 2012 – Innovations in the Gas Industry exhibition, showcasing innovative achievements of the gas business.

The SPIGF 2012 formal opening ceremony was attended by Valery Golubev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom OJSC (Gazprom PJSC since 2015); Nikolay Isakov, Deputy Government and Regional Relations CEO, Gazprom Mezhregiongaz LLC; Vladislav Petrov, Chairman of the Energy and Engineering Support Committee, Government of St. Petersburg; Benedict Haller, Consul General of Germany in St. Petersburg, and many other special guests.

The 3rd St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 14 000 м2
Participants: 6000
Countries: 26

The project moved to a new level and started its development as one of the major discussion venues for the global gas industry.

The 3-day-long program of the Forum embraced 10+ business events. 1,000+ delegates took part in it, including heads of 12 key departments of Gazprom OJSC (Gazprom PJSC since 2015), 200+ top managers of the Gazprom Group, as well as specialists and industrial experts from Russia, Italy, France, UK and Iran.

SPIGF 2013 saw the first Plenary Session that was opened by Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom OJSC, who said: “We’re going to extend and support the Gas Forum as an potent venue for the industry specialists to meet”.

The exhibition program comprised several focuses at one site, demonstrating state-of-the-art trends of the gas industry along with the new projects that aimed to develop innovative technology in the oil and gas sector.

InGAS Stream 2013 – Innovations in the Gas Industry, Gas Supply in Russia and ROS-GAS-EXPO specialised exhibitions were arranged. The exhibitions were participated by 510+ design and scientific entities, service companies and equipment manufacturers that implemented gas infrastructure construction and gas distribution projects.

The Forum was covered by about 100 journalists from various mass media, including the Finnish and the Armenian ones.

The 4th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 18 000 м2
Participants: 7000
Countries: 26

This issue of St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, one of the major industry-related projects in Russia, started with the Blue Corridor Rally participated by convoy of natural gas vehicles that traveled a way of 3,000 km across 15 countries.

The St. Petersburg – Verona Rally was triggered off by Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom OJSC (Gazprom PJSC since 2015).

The convention program encompassed 30+ events where experts discussed the gas industry development in the Far East, access to the Asia-Pacific region and gas as engine fuel, too.

The agenda of Russian Energy as a Basis of Russia’s Long-Term Sustainable Development plenary session covered natural gas in the global economy forecasts.

Convention events were participated by about 1,500 delegates from 26 countries, including officials of the major global oil and gas companies like Gazprom, Statoil and Wintershall Holding, as well as E.ON and Shell, operators of key industrial sectors like xperion Energy & Environment GmbH, McKinsey and many more.

The 5th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 20 000 м2
Participants: 8000
Countries: 32

The Forum was opened by Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg, and Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom PJSC.

45 events held at the Forum included conferences, round table discussions, business meetings and presentations by top manufacturers and vendors of oil and gas equipment.

At the International Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals, they discussed global trends and the state policy as regards to the gas industry, along with industrial projects of the Russian Federation. There, offshore field development projects and state-of-the-art science-based gas conversion solutions were presented.

The extensive convention program was complemented by the exhibition agenda. The area of 20,000 sq. m accommodated several industrial expositions: InGAS Stream 2015 – Innovations in the Gas Industry International Specialised Exhibition, GAS ENGINE FUEL International Specialised Exhibition and ROS-GAS-EXPO International Specialised Exhibition of natural gas industry and technology for gas facility.

In 2015, the official program of the Forum for the first time featured the Youth Day, a unique informational discussion and polemic venue, aimed to bring together industrial business elite representatives and students of top Russian and European universities so that they could discuss new development vectors for the gas industry and career opportunities for emerging leaders. Authoritative experts and young leaders of the largest international energy companies took part in the Youth Day along with the leading scientists and students from Russia and abroad.

The focal points of the event were: Gas as Fuel of the Future, Gas Hubs. Gas Exchanges, and Innovations for Logistics of the Future.

The 6th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 23 000 м2
Participants: 10 000
Countries: 36

The convention program comprised 60 events, including conferences, round table discussions, seminar meetings participated by federal and regional authority officials, manufacturers, as well as top Russian and foreign experts. Various events focusing on development of the Russian gas engine sector and the use of LNG and CNG as fuel took place, too.

For the second year in a row, the dialogue of generations of energy and gas specialists was taken up at the Youth Day where representatives of top energy companies like Gazprom PJSC, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, Uniper AG, Shell and Wintershall Holding GmbH met 200+ students from 12 countries.

Once again, the convention program was complemented by an extensive exposition encompassing three international industrial exhibitions at an area of 23,000 sq. m: InGAS Stream 2016 – Innovations in the Gas Industry, GAS ENGINE FUEL and ROS-GAS-EXPO, participated by 500+ companies from 14 countries.

There and then, the Forum was participated by 300+ journalists from 150 Russian and foreign mass media.

The first Corporate Exposition Import Substitution in the Gas Industry

One of the central themes discussed at the Forum was import substitution, it was covered both by the exhibition and the convention sections. 2016 was the first year when they held the Import Substitution in the Gas Industry exhibition at a site of 1,200 sq. m. The event was participated by 38 manufacturers of import substituting equipment to be used by the oil and gas industry.

The list of participants included TMK, OMK, Power Machines, ChelPipe Group, Tomsk Vakhrushev Electromechanical Plant, Borkhimmash, Severstal, NIPOM, Tecon, Kosmos-Neft-Gaz, NG-Energo and others.

Overall, the exhibition embraced 150+ technology prototypes and machine models. In particular, participants and visitors were presented compressors that had been previously supplied to Russia from Canada and USA, and there had been no alternatives.

One of the high-profile events at the 6th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum was signing of the Special Investment Agreement aimed at implementation of the Establishment and upgrade of import substituting production for Gazprom PJSC at the premises of Tomsk Vakhrushev Electromechanical Plant project.

The exhibition tour was attended by Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry of Russia; Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom PJSC; Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg; Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Gazprom PJSC, and Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom PJSC.

The 7th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 25 000 м2
Participants: 11 500
Countries: 43

St. Petersburg International Gas Forum took place under the Russian Energy Week Energy Efficiency and Energy Development International Forum, the major Russian event dedicated to energy.

SPIGF 2017 encompassed 90 events of various types, including plenary session, conferences, round table discussions, working sessions, case tournaments, field trips. This was a third greater than in 2016. The event was attended by 4,500+ delegates from 43 countries of the world.

The annual Youth Day: Dialogue of Generations. Off-tie meeting event brought together 130 students from 40 universities of 26 countries.

Throughout all the four days of SPIGF the Expoforum pavilions were open for visitors of three industrial exhibitions: InGAS Stream 2017 – Innovations in the Gas Industry, GAS ENGINE FUEL and ROS-GAS-EXPO, as well as of the Import Substitution in the Gas Industry corporate exposition.

Uniper SE, the energy company, the unique international partner for SPIGF presented a range of projects together with global associations. NGV Italy arranged conferences on using natural gas as engine fuel.

Participants and guests of the Forum were offered a set of vivid entertainments, including the musical performance Imperial Capitals: St. Petersburg – Vienna. Symphony in Letters and Poems, arranged by Gazprom PJSC and OMV AG (Austria), and the Fight Nights Global 75, an international mixed martial arts tournament.

The 2nd Corporate Exposition Import Substitution in the Gas Industry

The 2nd Corporate Exposition Import Substitution in the Gas Industry covered Russian equipment and state-of-the-art technologies for LNG plants.

That time, the exposition encompassed the following topics:

  • LNG storage systems;
  • LNG shipment systems;
  • Pumps and compressors;
  • Vessels, column equipment and heat exchangers;
  • Shut-off and control valves;
  • Piping;
  • Automation, metrology and communicationsь;
  • Chemical production.

Overall, the exhibition comprised 11 stands. The list of participants included Severstal, TMK, OMK, ChelPipe Group, HMS Group, Power Machines, Salavat Catalyst Plant, Metran, Tecon, LGM, Sintez OKA and others.

During the Forum, participants made some agreements, essential for the industry. TMK made a cooperation agreement with Gazprom Bureniye: TMK was to become the key supplier of all kinds of steel boring pipes that Gazprom Bureniye uses to bore holes at Russian minefields. Gazprom PJSC signed some agreements, too, including the ones to support perspective innovative projects of small businesses.

The 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 30 000 м2
Participants: 16 500
Countries: 51

The 7th International Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals embraced 90+ business events: plenary sessions, conferences, round table discussions, private meetings, and field technical tours. Participants specially focused on the issues of energy safety, gas engine fuel, petrochemistry, import substitution in the oil and gas sector, gas distribution and consumption, as well as other hot topics.

This was the first time when the Forum program included the International Conference of Northeast Asian Natural Gas and Pipeline Forum, which brought together 100+ participants, including from Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia and Vietnam. The topics selected for discussion reflected key trends of the gas market in the Northeast Asia, including the project of a united gas transportation system, lack of gas in Japan and this country’s aspiration to become a regional gas hub.

This time, the SPIGF exposition area was 30,000 sq. m, embracing the largest industrial exhibitions: InGAS Stream – Innovations in the Gas Industry, Import Substitution in the Gas Industry, GAS ENGINE FUEL and ROS-GAS-EXPO. 505 exponents from 19 countries presented 330+ equipment prototypes and models.

Following the tradition, the international natural gas vehicle rally finished at Expoforum. In 2018, GAS TO ENGINES Rally became the most long-distance one in the world. In 30 days, vehicles crossed 3 state borders (China, Kazakhstan and Russia) and passed about 10,000 km in 19 regions.

St. Petersburg International Gas Forum became an efficient business venue where the participants made agreements of major importance for the entire industry. Thus, Gazprom made strategic cooperation agreements with OMV, Shell, Roskosmos, UEC, TMK and other companies. The agreement between Gazprom and Transneft will start a new round in the gas engine fuel sector. NGVA, KANFV, RARITEK, REC, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, the Association of Construction Organisations of the Gas Industry and many more signed memorandums during the Forum.


  • Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom PJSC
  • Rainer Seele, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO, OMVе
  • Weizhong Qin, Vice President, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
  • Ulf Heitmueller, Chairman of Executive Board, Verbundnetz Gas
  • Joe M. Kang, President, International Gas Union
  • Kevin Owen, moderator, Russia Today

The 3rd Corporate Exposition Import Substitution in the Gas Industry

The corporate part of the exhibition covered the main topics of Gazprom’s production activities, including mining, transportation, treatment of gas and gas condensate, gas distribution, and natural gas liquefaction. There has also been a section embracing the Intergascert system for voluntary certification.

The exhibition presented operation results of Gazprom PJSC as regards to substitution of imported technologies, equipment, materials and services with Russian-made equivalents, aimed at reduction of Gazprom’s dependence on the import.

Overall, the Exposition encompassed 49 Russian scientific production companies and 200+ prototypes of high-tech import substituting products. Most of them were successfully launched for production and are currently operating tested at facilities of Gazprom PJSC. Some of the equipment is already serially delivered to the company’s sites.

The exhibition covered the following topics:

  • Mining;
  • Transportation (included pipe manufacturers);
  • Gas and gas condensate treatment;
  • Gas distributio;
  • Natural gas liquefactio;
  • INTERGASCERT embracing the voluntary certification system.

The official exhibition tour was attended by:

  • Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Gazprom PJSC
  • Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Member of the Board of Directors, Gazprom PJSC
  • Pavel Sorokin, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

The 9th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Area: 40 000 м2
Participants: 30 000
Countries: 55

The Forum was attended by 30,000+ participants from 55 countries, including 5,500 delegates. Under the exhibition program, 535 companies presented their projects for the gas industry.

The SPIGF convention program embraced 90 events and covered 15 topics.

Participants of the Strategic Priorities of International Energy Cooperation plenary session discussed the potential of joining the forces for production and distribution of gas, the most sustainable energy resource.

In 2019, the Blue Corridor – Gas into Engines International Rally that had started on August 29 in Turkey and finished at SPIGF. The ceremony summing up the results of the rally was attended by Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom PJSC; Uwe Fip, Vice President for Gas Supply, Uniper SE; Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom PJSC; Vyacheslav Mikhalenko, member of the Management Committee, Gazprom PJSC, and Oleg Melekhin, CEO, Gazprom Gas-Engine Fuel LLC.

Throughout SPIGF the 40,000 sq. m display zone was open for visitors: three specialised exhibitions, namely InGAS Stream 2019 – Innovations in the Gas Industry, GAS ENGINE FUEL, ROS-GAS-EXPO, and the Import Substitution in the Gas Industry corporate exposition. This was the first time when Gazprom arranged its corporate exposition at the Forum: Modern Technologies in the Gas Industry, which presented a set of equipment and technologies used for gas mining, transportation, distribution, underground storage and treatment.

As before, SPIGF 2019 presented the Youth Day – Energy of the Future attended by emerging specialists from 11 countries.

For the first time ever, the sports program of the Forum was extended with a golf tournament, arranged together with the SPIGF 2019 official sports partner, MillCreek Club.


  • Elena Burmistrova, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom PJSC; CEO, Gazprom Export LLC
  • Mario Mehren, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Wintershall Dea GmbH
  • Maarten Wetselaar, Integrated Gas & New Energies Director, Member of the Executive Committee, Royal Dutch Shell PLC
  • Ling Xiao, Vice President, PetroChina Company Limited

The 4th Corporate Exposition Import Substitution in the Gas Industry
The corporate section of the exhibition comprised the first practical results of collaboration between Gazprom PJSC, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and Russian scientific production companies in the field of offshore hydrocarbon recovery.

Totally, the exhibition site of Gazprom PJSC presented 40+ Russian scientific production companies bringing 200+ prototypes of unique equipment, materials and technologies aimed at establishment of the Russian offshore recovery system. Advanced Russian projects leave foreign equivalents behind at a number of characteristics.

The 4th Corporate Exposition Import Substitution in the Gas Industry presented the Russian industry’s potential as regards to high-tech equipment. The list of exhibits included unmanned subsea and surface equipment that can independently operate from several hours to several months and can be used for subsea pipeline inspection and ecological monitoring. Some of the prototypes were subsea Xmas-trees: elements of the underwater recovery system that ensure well fluid flow adjustment, chemicals supply and well maintenance.

The outdoor section of the Import Substitution in the Gas Industry exposition was used to feature large offshore recovery equipment.

The list of participants included Almaz – Antey, Gazprom Flot, ChelPipe Group, Kosmos-Neft-Gaz, OCEANOS and others.



Area: 40 000 m2
Number of participants: 13 000 people.
Countries: 28

In 2021, the route of the «Blue Corridor – Gas to Engines 2021» motor rally was limited to the territory of Russia: a convoy of vehicles running on gas motor fuel drove from Miass (Chelyabinsk Region) where trucks of the Ural and Iveco brands are produced, to St. Petersburg. In almost a month, the rally participants covered more than 3,000 km, visited seven cities.

An exposition of equipment powered by natural gas was presented at the open area of the Expoforum – utility vehicles, trucks (auto-hydraulic lifts, truck cranes), passengers transport of manufacturing companies IVECO, GAZ Group, AZ URAL, RariTEK, PJSC ” KAMAZ. , Holding “BMG” (Volgabus). All vehicles use methane as fuel.


Business program covering more than 70 events within 17 thematic events:

  • Sustainable development of the industry
  • World gas market
  • Technological development and import substitution in the oil and gas market
  • Production and transportation of gas
  • Gas distribution and gas consumption
  • Natural gas product
  • NGV fuel
  • LNG
  • Hydrogen
  • Investments and financing, the legal component of the activities of oil and gas companies
  • Youth day
  • Ecology
  • Personnel policy
  • Automation, informatization of the oil and gas industry
  • Historical Seminar
  • Sessions of scientific and technical councils and committees
  • Special events: awards ceremony and signing of agreements



The main event of the Forum was the Plenary Session “Natural Gas: New challenges and Solutions in the Global Energy Industry”

Sergey Brilev, President of the Global Energy Association

Presentations were made by:

Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee ELENA BURMISTROVA:
“There is a shortage of gas in the European market due to the general recovery of the economic situation and energy consumption. The forced abandonment of coal in power generation by European countries, to which consumers were prompted by the rise in the price of emission quotas, also played a role. Another reason is the drop in production at wind and hydropower facilities.”

The head of the Austrian oil and gas company OMV AG ALFRED STERN:
“Gas prices have not been this high since 1981. At the same time, the growth in demand creates tension in various markets.”

Chairman of the World Energy Council JEANA-MARI DAUGER:
“Gas must be used as an intermediate fuel in the transition to renewable energy sources.”

International Gas Union President JOE KANG:
“When implementing programs to decarbonize the economy in a number of countries, the use of natural gas will play a key role, and it is necessary to build a harmonious balance when using certain energy sources.”

Director for Integrated Gas Projects, Renewable Energy and Energy Solutions, member of the Executive Committee of Royal Dutch Shell plc MAARTEN VETSELAAR:
“Oil and gas will play an important role in the energy sector for a long time to come, and gas will have more advantages.”.

Uniper CEO SE Klaus-Dieter Maubach:
“The longest-term demand for gas in the future will be provided by Asian countries.”


As part of another key discussion, which took place during the Plenary meeting “Natural gas as a motor fuel for the sustainable development of regions”, the participants discussed the development of the gas motor fuel market.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC Gazprom VICTOR ZUBKOV:
“From now until 2030, there is simply no better fuel for transportation than natural gas – methane and LNG.”


Traditionally, as part of the Youth Day, representatives of the industry’s business elite in the format of “meetings without ties” talked with the best young professionals and students from leading universities in Russia and Europe. This year, 40 students from 25 universities in 9 countries reached the final.

The meeting with top managers of energy companies was held in a hybrid format. Some of the speakers and spectators were in the hall at the Expoforum, while other speakers and students connected online. Despite the distance of thousands of kilometers between the participants, it was possible to organize a very productive and interesting dialogue between the top officials of the companies and future industry leaders.


VIII International specialized exhibition “InGAS Stream – Innovations in the gas industry”
The capabilities of the industry were demonstrated by such companies as Gazprom, Pipe Metallurgical Company, Concern VKO Almaz-Antey, Zagorsk Pipe Plant, HMS Group, Uniper SE, Siemens Energetika, Vega-GAZ, OMK, Boskalis, Valkom, Gazprom drilling and others.

Organizer: EF-International LLC

V Corporate exhibition exposition “Import substitution in the gas industry”
As part of the exposition, 60 companies demonstrated more than 160 samples of high-tech products. So, for instance, the «Izmeron» factory, which replaced imported complexes of underground equipment for wells with high reservoir pressure and aggressive environments, presented complexes of lower and upper completion of oil and gas wells of its own engineering. «REP Holding» demonstrated the T32-1 industrial gas turbine unit with a capacity of 32 MW in a single-frame type, as well as a full-size sample of the rotor of the specified gas turbine.

Their technological developments for the oil and gas industry were presented by such companies as Concern VKO «Almaz-Antey», «Pipe Metallurgical Company», NPF «Izmeron» factory, «Salavat Catalyst Factory», «Salavatneftemash», «Cosmosneft-gaz», «Izhora Factorys, Malachite, Severstal, MG-Service, NPTsAP and others.

Organizers: «Gazprom» and «EF-International»

VII International Specialized Exhibition “Gas Engine Fuel”
The exposition was devoted to the expansion of the use of natural gas in transport.

The exhibition also featured the operation of Russian CNG filling equipment ( «Moscow Gas Processing Plant»), a Lada Largus CNG passenger car, as well as related gas equipment.

As part of the tour of the exposition, the management of PJSC Gazprom planned a ceremonial commissioning of gas filling stations in five regions of Russia: the Astrakhan Region, the Rostov Region, the Kemerovo Region-Kuzbass, the Republic of Adygea, and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

In 2021, the exposition is expected to participate in a prestigious and wide-ranging gas supply campaign, such as «Gazprom gas Motor Fuel», «Gazprom LNG Technologies», «Gazholodtechnika», «Vitkovice RUS», «Sespel», «URAL Automobile factory», Group companies “ GazServiceComposite», «RariTEK Holding», «GAZ Group», «Kamaz», presented various directions for the development of the gas engine industry.
XXIV International specialized exhibition of the gas industry and technical means for the gas industry “ROS-GAZ-EXPO”
Exhibitors cover a large number of the newest technologies year after year.

A total of 218 companies took part in the event, including leaders of the gas industry:

Giproniigaz JSC, AKSITEH LLC, BROEN LLC, TRADING HOUSE VOTKINSKY PLANT, ELSTER GAZELEKTRONIKA LLC, ServiceSoft Group of Companies, POLYPLASTIC Group, PKF Ex-Forma LLC, CenterTechForm LLC “”, LLC “AVITON”, JSC “Energomera” and many others.

28 companies presented their products at the collective stand of the Association of Gas Equipment Manufacturers.

Organizer: FAREXPO LLC


As part of the entertainment program of SPIGF-2021, a gala evening was held – an evening reception in honor of the opening of the Forum. The event includes an official part and a concert program, the headliner was DJ Groove.

Organizer: EF-International LLC