Youth Day at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum is arranged in a new way – Energy Challenge – St. Petersburg International Gas Forum
1 October 2019
Youth Day at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum is arranged in a new way – Energy Challenge

Youth Day is likely to be the most dynamic event taking place during SPIGF 2019. There is nothing surprising about it, as it is participated by gifted students from across the globe and emerging specialists of the gas sector. All of them are enthusiastic and spurting with ideas. The organisers tried to make communication of the Youth Day participants even more fruitful and exciting.

On Day 1, participants were offered to join a business game, led by business coach Alexey Baranov. 55 people, aged from 23 to 27, took part in the game. They were offered to divide into 7 teams. There were no team captains, as the point was to work hierarchy-free. The task was to assemble some operational devices using the drawings provided. The point of the game was to help participants of the Youth Day get acquainted with each other and see how well they perform at team working.



When the mechanisms were finished, the coach offered to combine them into one piece. After lining up, the devices appeared to be an obstacle trail for a small ball, which successfully passed through it. This task may seem childish, but it demonstrated how important it is for every team member to make his or her work in a responsible and quality manner. Well coordinated work of all the teams is a formula for success of a large-scale company, for instance, as Gazprom.

Moreover, on Day 1, younger guests of SPIGF were offered an exciting quest that covered all the premises of the Forum. It was led by Vitaly Stelmashonok and Pavel Metelev, representatives of the Higher Economic School of St. Petersburg State University of Economics. During the quest, the teams attended various stands, met company representatives and swiftly generated proposals that could improve the projects presented by SPIGF participants.

For instance, one of the team attended stands of the following companies: Gazprom 335, Wintershall Dea (the largest independent European company for oil and gas recovery), Sevmash and Service Soft. Participants of the Youth Day had a look at the project for LNG production floating plant and considered its economical, technical and geological risks. Another group of the quest participants attended stands by Gazprom, Olympus, Izmeron, and National Drilling Company, and provided their proposals on drilling enhancement.

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