SPIGF 2024 convention program structure published – St. Petersburg International Gas Forum
14 May 2024
SPIGF 2024 convention program structure published

The program structure is based on 19 focus areas.

As always, the convention agenda of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum will include conferences, meetings, and round-table discussions.

The technical areas of focus will cover design and construction for the gas industry, gas production and transportation, gas distribution and gas consumption, underground gas storage, natural gas based products and natural gas conversion technologies, plus gas conversion. Industry-wide tracks will follow collaboration by BRICS and SCO countries in the gas sector, sustainable development and technological independence, import substitution and digital transformation, investment and finance tools in the fuel and energy sector, and other up-to-date issues.

The central event of the Forum will be Plenary Session GAS MARKET IN 2024: THE NEW WORLD ORDER OUTLINES, which is scheduled for October 10.

For a detailed program of the Forum please follow the link.

*We would like to draw your attention to the fact that SPIGF 2024 organizers reserve the right to make changes to the Forum program, including changes in the list of speakers, reports, time and location of any of the events.

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