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Новости форума
Новости форума
12 August 2022
Новости партнеров
At the Forum, the company will present their high tech cabling solutions for the gas industry. During the St. Petersburg Internat...
11 August 2022
Новости форума
The event will take place on September 15 from 14.00 to 15.30 (Moscow time). During the session, participants will discuss the pr...
29 July 2022
Major participants of the oil and gas industry, including companies from the Gazprom Group and other industrialists, are holding t...
25 July 2022
Новости форума
Application deadline is August 13. The 11th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum will take place in the ExpoForum Convention an...
19 July 2022
Новости форума
Specialists can join free of charge. Follow the link and fill-in the form to attend the Exhibition program of the 11th St. Peters...
6 July 2022
Новости форума
At the Forum, participants can rent meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are great for all kinds of events, from business conferences and...
30 June 2022
Новости форума
The company is going to demonstrate its new product line. This year, TECHNOTECS is going to present complex solutions on developm...
16 June 2022
Новости форума
At the Forum, participants can rent agreement signing premises. At the venue where the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum tak...
31 May 2022
Новости форума
The keynote of the Forum will be discussion of the gas industry in the new reality. Every year, many issues are considered at the...

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