LLC "Acoustic Measuring Systems- NN" – Петербургский международный газовый форум
LLC «Acoustic Measuring Systems- NN»
Телефон: 8-831-420-52-20
LLC "Acoustic Measuring Systems- NN"
Russia, 603052, Nizhny Novgorod, Sormovskoe highway 24 корпус 2
LLC “AMS-NN” is Russian developer and manufacturer of liquid level indicators, level gauges, volume gas sensors, interface indicators. Our instruments are very reliable and budget-friendly by the aid of scientific proof of manufacture founder, Melnikov V. I. All product range has an explosion proofing. Instruments can be in operation under high pressure. For operation of equipment in harsh chemical environment (concentrated alkalis, acids) our indicators are made with fluoropolymer. Indicator SGU-1 variation with heating of sensor nis engineered and placed in operation for detection of congealing mediums (f.e. heating oil, tar etc.). Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation confirms that our manufactures produced in our country.