NKMZ-Group, Ltd. – Петербургский международный газовый форум
NKMZ-Group, Ltd.
E-mail: nkmz@nkmz.ru
Телефон: +7 (34783) 21199, 20482
Сайт: www.nkmz.ru
NKMZ-Group, Ltd.
Russia, 452683, Neftekamsk, Magistralnaya 19
NKMZ-Group is one of the leading equipment manufacturers and technology developer for the oil and gas industry, holding a leading position in its field. Today, the Group of Companies NKMZ-Group is a whole complex that includes enterprises of various types with production areas of more than 50,000 sq.m, and united by common tasks. Modern high-tech production, equipped with the most advanced technologies and testing facilities, meets the best world practices, and the quality of the manufactured equipment is ensured by the implemented quality management systems, both international - ISO, API, and domestic standards - VCS INTERGAZCERT (STO Gazprom). The main activities of the group are: - development and production of perforating systems, technologies for perforating and blasting operations, including PRORION (Plug&Perf) technologies, selective perforation, interval perforation in one round trip operation; - development and production of downhole equipment, such as: downhole equipment systems (DHES) for gas and gas condensate wells, packer-anchor equipment and multi-packer assemblies, equipment for multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and lower completion assemblies, swellable and inflatable packers, valves and valve equipment; - equipment for CRUISER drilling mud cleaning systems (shale shakers, mud cleaners, degassers, centrifuges), circulation systems and tanks, EXTRALIFT winches, shale shaker screen panels, drilling equipment; - heat insulated tubings with vacuum insulation, heat insulated casing pipes with vacuum and polyurethane foam insulation. Currently, a new direction of the group's activity is intensively developed - the development of software and software-hardware complexes for the automation and digitalization of the operation of systems of manufactured equipment. Thus, the final testing of the PILOT software-hardware complex, designed to automate the operation of the drilling mud cleaning system with the output of the main parameters (flow rate, level, density, viscosity) to the monitoring console, is carried out as well as automatic control of the cleaning stages, pump supply and flows between containers.