LLC "Donkabel" – Петербургский международный газовый форум
LLC «Donkabel»
Телефон: 88637499498
LLC "Donkabel"
Russia, 347540, Proletarsk, Transportnaya 2V/1
LLC "Donkabel" is a Russian manufacturer of cable products. The cable plant was organized in the form of a private enterprise in 1994 on the basis of special workshops for the repair of combines of the Proletarian RTP "Agrotechnservice". The Donkabel plant has two production buildings with an area of 2,000 and 5,400 sq. m. and more than 2,000 sq. m. m of storage facilities. The company has storage facilities for raw materials and finished cables for the entire production volume. To ensure the production of cables, there is a metalworking site, a die processing site, a fleet sufficient for the transportation of raw materials and finished products.