Dimitrovgradhimmash (HMS Group) – Петербургский международный газовый форум
Dimitrovgradhimmash (HMS Group)
Телефон: +7 (84235) 4-72-90
Сайт: www.himmash.net
Dimitrovgradhimmash (HMS Group)
Russia, 433511, Dimitrovgrad, Kuybyshev Street 256
Факс: +7 (84235) 4-72-98
Dimitrovgradhimmash (HMS Group) is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of equipment for oil & gas and chemical industry: centrifugal and overhung pumps including CNS, CNSg, CNSn, CNSm, 12NA, 22NA, NV, NV-E, NV-M, NV-Mg, VNCS; tanks and vessels with wall thickness up to 200 mm and weight up to 200 tons; separators, electric dehydrators; columns, reactors, heat exchangers, air coolers, adsorbers; pig launcher/receivers, filters.