CJSC "Perm Plant of Cargo Vehicles" – Петербургский международный газовый форум
CJSC «Perm Plant of Cargo Vehicles»
Телефон: 73427322911
Сайт: www.pzgt.ru
CJSC "Perm Plant of Cargo Vehicles"
Russia, 617060, Krasnokamsk, Promyshlennaya 5a
"Perm Plant of Cargo Vehicles" is one of the leading enterprises in Russia for the production of specialized vehicles for various industries: logging, scrap, electric power, oil and gas production. For oilfield services, CJSC "Perm Plant of Cargo Vehicles" offers the following services: 1. restoration of the main elements and components to an ideal condition with the possibility of adding modern technologies in order to obtain a unit with a new service life. 2. chassis upgrade, axle load redistribution and installation of additional elements in order to improve the machine and adapt it to work in difficult conditions. 3. purchase, installation supervision and commissioning of imported equipment on the chassis with the receipt of a new unit without the need to transport equipment from abroad and payment of customs duties.