Kierge – Петербургский международный газовый форум
Телефон: 79142369597
Russia, 677000, Yakutsk , Lenina st. 9 корпус 2
Jewelry house "Kierge" was founded in 1993, translated from Yakut means "outfit, headdress". Currently, Kierge is the largest jewelry company in Yakutia, providing all types of jewelry services: sale of jewelry, manufacture of exclusive jewelry on individual orders, repair and cleaning of products, artistic, manual and laser engraving, purchase of gold and silver, exchange of scrap for new products, insertion of stones. Almost from the moment of its formation, the Kierge company has been maintaining the image of the republic at the All-Russian and international levels, participating and taking prizes. Today, the jewelry company "Kierge" has taken over the organization and promotion of jewelry tourism in Yakutia.