NPP KuibyshevTelekom-Metrologiya, LLC – Петербургский международный газовый форум
NPP KuibyshevTelekom-Metrologiya, LLC
Телефон: 88462020065
NPP KuibyshevTelekom-Metrologiya, LLC
Russia, 446394, Samara, Pionerskaya street, Volzhsky settlement 5
NPP KuibyshevTelekom-Metrologiya it is specialized in supplying industrial gas, steam and liquid meters. Our deep knowledge in flow measurement is based on long time collaboration with the largest companies in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Our products provide a durable solution to the most complex processes of oil and gas industry. Our own R&D facilities allow us to create High Tech products that meet modern market demand and design new products from creating design concept to mass production.