SEALUR Ltd – Петербургский международный газовый форум
Телефон: +7 (342) 2700 - 599
Russian Federation, 614014, Perm, 1905 goda 35 корпус 24
Факс: +7 (342) 2700 - 599
SEALUR Ltd, situated in Perm, Russia, specializes in design and production of the modern sealing materials based on thermally expanded graphite which allow to ensure the tightness of equipment working in different industries. In addition to traditional sealing materials, Sealur offers new products and sealing technologies aimed to improve the safety and environmental friendliness of processes: - Dry disconnect coupling (DDC) for transportation of the liquid products where spillage has to be minimized; - Elastic metal C-rings for sealing detachable joints of machine and installations operating in conditions of high vibrations and temperatures; - High-temperature greases based on graphite, which implement the solid lubrication technology. They are an effective alternative to conventional lubricants for use in heavy operation conditions; - Intelligent gaskets to create a digital flange condition monitoring system; - Sorbent blocks for obtaining a sorbent based on exfoliated graphite in the field condition, intended for removal of oil spills. Tightness is synonymous with safety and Sealur’s sealing technology is a guarantee of your safe equipment operation.