Over years of operation, SPIGF has hosted anniversary events of top oil and gas companies


The Forum has become a place for summing up business results.

A business event anniversary is a landmark for any company that enables it to celebrate the event as well as draw attention of mass media and partners.

The St. Petersburg International Gas Forum has been repeatedly chosen by its participants for celebration of anniversary occasions.

Thus, in 2017, ceremonies took place at the Forum dedicated to the 5th Anniversary of the program Gazprom MBA: Oil and Gas Corp Management in the Global Environment. SPIGF offered a unique opportunity of arranging a meeting for the program graduates and participants.

SPIGF 2018 hosted the 2nd International Conference Ways of Innovation: New Technologies in Gas Industry (INNOTECH 2018) recognizing the 70th Anniversary of Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC. Several hundreds of delegates from across the globe arrived to join the conference.

At the same time, the 10th International Forum Energy Safety and Development Prospects took place. The Anniversary Forum comprised a plenary session and two conferences.

The 15th Anniversary International Conference for Gas and Pipeline Research in Northeast Asia brought 100+ participants to SPIGF 2018.

The 9th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum became the venue for the All-Russian Conference 10 Years of Self-Regulation in Design and Research for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Anniversary celebrations during SPIGF are a potent solution for up-to-date economic collaboration, with its participants accordingly engaged into other events of the convention and exhibition program.

The Forum participants are welcome to arrange their events under the business program!