SPIGF 2018 Speakers

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom
Mr. Alexey Miller
Integrated Gas & New Energies Director, Member of the Executive Committee of Royal Dutch Shell
Mr. Maarten Wetselaar
Chairman of the Executive Board; CEO OMV AG
Mr. Rainer Seele
President, International Gas Union
Mr. Joe M. Kang
Chairman of the Executive Board Verbundnetz Gas
Mr. Ulf Heitmüller
Vice President, CNPC
Mr. Qin Weizhong
CCO Uniper SE
Mr. Keith Martin
Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom
Mr. Alexander Medvedev
Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Member of the Board of Directors, Gazprom
Mr. Vitaly Markelov
Secretary General, Gas Exporting Countries Forum
Mr. Yury Sentyurin
Chairman of the State Duma Committee of Energy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Mr. Pavel Zavalny
Executive Director, Global Gas Centre
Ms. Valerie Ducrot
Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Mr. Pavel Sorokin
Secretary General, NGVA Europe
Mr. Andrea Gerini
Professor of Finance and Energy Economics, ESCP Europe Business School
Mr. Kostas Andriosopoulos
Director of Energy Department, Institute for Energy and Finance
Mr. Alexey Gromov
Head of Contract Structuring and Price Formation Directorate, Gazprom export
Mr. Sergey Komlev
President, NGV Italy, NGV International Academy
Ms. Mariarosa Baroni
Deputy Director of the Innovation and Technology Center of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Mr. Roland Roesch
Vice President for Research, Tellurian Inc.
Mr. Thierry Bros
CEO, German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW)
Mr. Gerald Linke
Director of Public Affairs, International Gas Union
Mr. Mel Ydreos
President of the International Shukhov Foundation
Mr. Leonid Shtern
Executive Vice President, Gazprombank. CEO, Electronic Trading Platform of Gazprombank
Mr. Mikhail Konstantinov
Senior research fellow, Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Ms. Gulmira Rzayeva
Director EU Affairs, International Association of Oil & Gas producers
Mr. Francois-Regis Mouton
President, The International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers
Mr. Jean-Marie Dauger
Chair of the Israeli Standard Institute Central Committee for MS Standards
Mr. Isaac Sheps
Director of Conformity Assessment and Consumer Matters at the International Standards Organization ISO
Mr. Sean Mac Curtain
Country Chair Shell Russia
Mr. Cederic Cremers
Governor of Perm region
Mr. Maksim Reshetnikov
Chairman of the Management Board of SIBUR Holding PJSC
Mr. Dmitry Konov
Director for International Communications of Certification Association “Russian Register”
Mr. Alex Ezrakhovich
Director for new types of products and technical support on the local market, TMK PJSC
Mr. Sergey Ladygin

Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgskoye highway 64/1

EXPOFORUM, pavilion F, G, H, congress center


1-4 october 2019