Reiner Hartmann
Head of the Representative Office of Uniper SE in Moscow, Russia

This is the third time in a row when Uniper SE has taken part in the Forum, once again acting as its trusted partner. We are happy to take an active part in the event that attracts so many professionals from across the globe, where industry leaders from all over the world meet at a single location to present their innovative solutions and discuss top-priority projects and global trends In the oil and gas industry...>>

This year, we have given special consideration to the recent trends in natural gas market and latest developments of generation technologies. During the Forum, a round-table discussion “Reawakening of gas-to-power” took place where Uniper SE representatives shared their global experience and best practices in this sphere. In 2019, we are also going to present our booth. We look forward to welcoming you as our special guest at our events.

Artem Krestianinov
Deputy General Director for Commercial Matters, Gazprom avtomatizatsiya PJSC

For the 4th year in a row, Gazprom avtomatizatsiya PJSC acted as one of the official partners of St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, making their valuable contribution and dynamically participating in the event and making up its main program...>>

This year, we achieved some tangible results during SPIGF. The exposition arranged by Gazprom avtomatizatsiya PJSC, telling about the Company’s participation in the major projects of the sector and showcasing some unique innovative equipment projects, was highly appreciated by the management of the gas sector, represented by Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee. The convention part arranged by our specialists sparked much interest in experts of the gas sector.

Thanks to the Forum, all of us got an opportunity to assess our progress over the past year within the gas sector. I am quite sure that it is essential to consider development prospects and analyze experience of our colleagues.

Mikhail Krukov
Commercial Director, Compex LLC

Our company took part in the exhibition program of the Forum. We highly appreciated how the event was arranged. Although our company decided to join the event quite late, the organizers cooperated and offered us the most comfortable terms for making the stand ready and in terms of paying for our participation...>>

The event itself was really top level, and many of our guests that hadn’t visited the Forum before, were amazed with the number of participants and the overall scale of the event.

I believe, St. Petersburg International Gas Forum is a useful and efficient event helping enterprises of the oil & gas sphere to develop their businesses.

Maria Vasyanina
PR Director, REP Holding

There is no doubt that this Gas Forum was a milestone for our Holding. We didn’t just take full-scale part in the extensive business program of the Forum, but became the heart of the exhibition “IMPORT SUBSTITUTION IN THE GAS INDUSTRY.”....>>

Our 60-ton gas turbine plant became the center of attraction for top representatives of both the oil and gas, and business communities. We presented our high-tech equipment properly and asserted ourselves as the true industrial leaders. This was only possible thanks to the efforts, zeal and confidence of our joint team of fellow-thinkers, who had placed confidence in this technically sophisticated project and had finally managed to implement it. Thanks a million to the professional team of Expoforum and the managers of the Gas Forum for their extensive support and help at all the stages of the project implementation. Together we’ve reached a new height, and the main thing now is not to drop speed. Now, things are going to be just more interesting and far-reaching!

Ildar Valiev
Director of Marketing Department, GAZMASHPROEKT LLC

GazmashproeKT arranged a stand of 280 m2, which would be impossible without support of the SPIGF team. They helped us to establish the stand and implement our project, which was noticed by the Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee. The event was really top level, and more importantly, it promoted some prospective collaboration with the top companies of the fuel & energy sector.

Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgskoye highway 64/1

EXPOFORUM, pavilion F, G, H, congress center


1-4 october 2019